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General Terms and Conditions
Rue Gembon offers a service to our customers via a website (the “Site”). By using the Site, you agree to the general terms and conditions (the “T&C”) and the Privacy Policy of the Site and you are contracting with King-Tech International Holdings Limited. The T&C are effective upon acceptance. If you do not agree to the T&C, you must exit the Site immediately and discontinue any use of information.

If you have any questions about the T&C, please contact us at
Harassment in any manner or form on the Site, including, but not limited to, via e-mail, chat, or by use of obscene or abusive language, is strictly forbidden. Impersonation of others, including a Rue Gembon or other contracted employee, host, or representative, as well as other members or visitors on the Site is prohibited. While using the Site, services, applications and/or tools, you must not post, distribute, or otherwise publish any content or items which is false, inaccurate, misleading, libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable which may violate any laws, third party rights or which may otherwise give rise to any liability, whether civil or criminal.

You must not upload content on the Site or use the site to solicit others to join or become members of any other commercial online service provider or other similar organizations. You must not distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes; or post viruses or any other technologies that may harm Rue Gembon or its interests. You must not copy, modify or distribute rights or contents from the Site, services, applications and/or tools; nor harvest or otherwise collect information about other users or third party on the Site.
All trademarks, service marks and trade names of Rue Gembon used in the Site, services, applications or tools are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by Rue Gembon. You may not assign any of Rue Gembon’s rights to any other party nor grants any of Rue Gembon’s rights to any other third party in respect of such trademarks, service marks and/or trade names. You agree not to display or use in any manner the trademarks or registered trademarks, service marks and/or trade names of Rue Gembon.
All materials, including images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, written and other materials that are part of the Site are intellectual property owned or controlled by Rue Gembon or of third party. Rue Gembon, or as otherwise stated, has intellectual property rights over all patents, copyrights, trademarks, design rights, database rights, service marks, trade secrets, rights in know-how and confidential information, image rights and any other intellectual property rights (whether registered or unregistered) and all applications for the same.

Without limiting to other remedies, Rue Gembon may, in our sole discretion, limit, suspend or terminate our services towards you, prohibit your access to the Site, services, applications and tools, and/or take legal actions to keep you from using the Site, services, applications or tools.
You agree to receive calls, including autodialed and/or pre-recorded message calls that we have collected, including telephone numbers you have provided to us, or that we have obtained from third parties or collected by our own efforts. If the telephone number is capable of receiving SMS or other text messages, you consent to receive such SMS or text messages.

We may contact you for reasons relating to your use of the Site, services, applications or tools, to collect a debt, resolve a dispute or otherwise as required or authorized by applicable laws. We may also contact you for marketing or promotional purposes. We may share your telephone numbers with our service providers who assist us in pursuing our rights or performing our obligations under the T&C. These service providers may also contact you using autodialed and/or pre-recorded message calls. We will not share your telephone number with non-affiliated third parties for their purposes without your explicit consent.
Method of Payment

Rue Gembon accepts PayPal Pte. Ltd. (“PayPal”) as a payment services provider and acts as such for the Site. You agree to pay all fees incurred in connection with your purchases at the Site at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred.

In relation to your use of PayPal, it is governed by the user agreement of PayPal services and you must consider carefully when choosing whether to use the PayPal services. You must be the beneficial owner of your own PayPal account and use it only on behalf of yourself. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations of your specific jurisdiction that may be applicable to you in connection with your use of the PayPal services, including, but not limited to, those related to export or import activity, taxes or foreign currency transactions.

When you receive a payment, you are liable to PayPal for the full amount of the payment sent to you plus any fees if the payment is later invalidated for any reason. That means, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF PAYMENT SENT BY THE SENDER, plus any applicable fees. If you fail to settle the full amount of payment through the PayPal, you agree to pay all unsettled amount in full upon demand by Rue Gembon and/or its agents.

Unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site, Rue Gembon does not accept any other method of payment.


It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the payments you make and it is your responsibility to pay any governmental taxes imposed on your purchases, including, but not limited to, sales, use or value-added taxes with respect to each of your purchases. Rue Gembon is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your transaction or remitting any taxes arising from any transaction. Please note that you may be subject to withholding taxes or other tax liabilities with respect to importing services from a foreign entity. Rue Gembon, in its sole discretion, may charge, deduct, impose reserves and/or withhold on any or all of the payments to cover the amount of your liability on any taxes, duties and/or other tax related deductions.

Foreign Currencies

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in United States Dollars (“US Dollars”). All transactions conducted by or with Rue Gembon, including sale of items shown on the Site, issuance of gift certificates and/or credit for returned merchandise, are made in US Dollars.

Any requests for payment in a currency other than US Dollars will be converted to US Dollars at the exchange rate determined by PayPal. Please refer to the user agreement of PayPal for details. By proceeding with your authorization of the payment transaction, you are agreeing to the currency conversion on the basis of the exchange rate determined by PayPal. Acceptance of the exchange rate by you is an irrevocable undertaking to complete the transaction. If for whatever reason the transaction cannot be completed in connection with currency conversion, Rue Gembon will not be liable for any fees or charges payable or for any losses incurred as a result of the currency exchange.

The Site allows its users an option to view the price of an item in a currency other than US Dollars, the “Reference Currency.” You may select a Reference Currency from those available on the Site. The prices as shown by the Reference Currency are determined by a currency conversion at a foreign exchange rate available to Rue Gembon regularly based on market conditions. The exchange rate is adjusted regularly and is subject to change without notice. PLEASE NOTE THAT RUE GEMBON MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY THAT PRICES SHOWN ON THE SITE IN A REFERENCE CURRENCY REPRESENT ACTUAL PRICES PAYABLE. Rue Gembon accepts no liability for adverse exchange rate and/or its movements on the quoted prices by the Reference Currency.

Rue Gembon will refund or exchange, at its sole discretion, an item when you return it in its original condition (i.e. unused, in its original packaging and with garment tags) within 14 days of the item being delivered to your nominated address, unless the good is faulty. We cannot refund or exchange personalized perishable or time critical goods. When promotional discounts are applied to an item, in the event of a return, you will not be refunded the discounted proportion. In addition, any complimentary promotional gift given with an order must also be returned if you are returning those goods to which the gift related. We will consider the condition of the goods being returned before deciding whether to make a refund or exchange.

If the good is faulty, defective or incorrect, Rue Gembon will exchange the good with a replacement item. In any event, Rue Gembon does not provide cash refunds.

Please note that your return costs will not be reimbursed and Rue Gembon is not responsible for any item lost or stolen during return shipping. We recommend that you send your return via Registered Mail or carriers to ensure that the return item reaches us. We will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged return item and we reserve the right to charge you for any such lost or damaged item.

Rue Gembon reserves the right to change our Returns Policy without prior notice and/or to reject any exchange requests at its sole discretion. Should there be any dispute, Rue Gembon’s decision will be final.

We feature products on the Site that have been carefully selected for sale. Once an item is sold out, it will be taken off the Site at the earliest opportunity and may not be available again. Prices of products may change from time to time without prior notice.

All items are subject to availability. As there is a delay between the time when your order is placed and the time when the order is accepted, the stock position relating to particular items may change. If an item you have ordered becomes out of stock before we accept the order we shall notify you as soon as practicable and you will not be charged for the out of stock items. If, due to unforeseeable circumstances or in the event of supply difficulties and it is necessary for Rue Gembon to substitute an item, the item will be of equal value than that which it replaces.
You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee the continuous operation of or access to the Site, services, applications or tools. You agree that you are using the Site, services, applications or tools at your own risk and any materials or Products provided on the Site are on “as is” basis.

You acknowledge that we make no warranty or representation as to: (i) the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or correctness of any Products, services, applications or tools; (ii) the functions contained in, or the results obtained from, any Products, services, applications or tools; (iii) any Products being secured, uninterrupted or error free, or that all errors in a Products, services, applications or tools will be corrected; or (iv) whether any Products, services, applications or tools will meet the user’s requirements. Notwithstanding the above, Rue Gembon may modify the description to any materials or Products, services, applications or tools at any time (including after you have submitted your order) without prior notice, including modifications to product descriptions, pricing, and availability. Rue Gembon reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled subsequently, Rue Gembon shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price.

We are not liable and you agree not to hold Rue Gembon responsible for any damages or losses (including, but not limited to, loss of money, goodwill or reputation, profits, or other intangible losses or any special, indirect or consequential damages) resulting directly or indirectly from: your use of the Site, services, applications or tools; or damage to your hardware device(s) or loss of data that result from the use of the Site, services, applications or tools.
You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Rue Gembon, its agents, distributors and affiliates, and their officers, directors, and employees from and against any third party claims, demands or actions against it or them arising out of the use of the Site, services, applications or tools or out of the breach of the T&C; and any associated liability awarded against Rue Gembon, its agents, distributors and affiliates, and their officers, directors, and employees, and any reasonable costs incurred by it or them in respect of such claims, demands or actions.,Rue Gembon may transfer its exclusive rights to control the defense or settlement of any claims, demands or actions to the relevant third party.
Rue Gembon shall not be liable for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
You agree that the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern the T&C and any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise between Rue Gembon and/or its affiliates and you. You agree that any and all disputes or claims that have arisen or may arise between Rue Gembon and/or its affiliates and you shall be resolved exclusively through final and binding arbitration within the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, rather than in court, except that you may asset claims in the Small Claims Tribunal, if your claims qualify.

If an arbitrator or the tribunal decides that any part of the T&C to arbitrate is invalid or unenforceable, the other parts of the T&C to arbitrate shall still apply.
Rue Gembon reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, add or remove portions of the T&C at any time without prior notice. Any revised version will be effective at the time we post it. It is your responsibility to check the T&C each time before using the Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes.